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The Triple Package

Jed Rubenfeld A&C Black

Why do Jews win so many Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes? Why are Mormons running the business and finance sectors? Why do the children of even impoverished and poorly educated Chinese immigrants exce

ISBN10 : 1408852225 , ISBN13 : 9781408852224

Page Number : 336

The Missional Mom

Helen Lee Moody Publishers

Do you see motherhood as a mission and divine calling? Today's Christian moms come from a full range of personal and professional contexts, whether they are homemakers, full-time workers in the market

ISBN10 : 1575675560 , ISBN13 : 9781575675565

Page Number : 224

Day Of Empire

Amy Chua Anchor

In this sweeping history, bestselling author Amy Chua explains how globally dominant empires—or hyperpowers—rise and why they fall. In a series of brilliant chapter-length studies, she examines th

ISBN10 : 9780307472458 , ISBN13 : 0307472450

Page Number : 432

Beyond The Tiger Mom

Rita Foelker Tuttle Publishing

Dispel the hype and myths about Asian parenting and uncover the practical with this effective parenting guide. How do Asian parents prime their children for success from a young? Why do Asian kids do

ISBN10 : 1462918417 , ISBN13 : 9781462918416

Page Number : 224

World On Fire

Amy Chua Random House

Amy Chua's remarkable and provocative book explores the tensions of the post-Cold War globalising world. As global markets open, ethnic conflict worsens and democracy in developing nations can turn ug

ISBN10 : 1407058428 , ISBN13 : 9781407058429

Page Number : 368